Using innovative reconfiguration and simple accessory additions, a new series of robots is born.
Whether it be the process of building it or the actual operation, it can bring out the best of the builder’s creativity and logical ability, serving as a great learning tool.

Start with ROBOHERO

Building from scratch allows you to better understand the composition of your little robot buddy. With the humanoid structure of the Robohero, and the control of its joints, increased familiarity with the operation will relate to a better understanding of other non-human type of applications.

The RoboDog

16 joint quadruped walking robot, slender four feet to move the body elegant move back and forth, a huge flat foot with good support ability and terrain adaptability. The main platform can be combined with LEGO® Bricks, you can build yourr own moving castle!
* LEGO® Bricks not included

The RoboWalker

12 joint quadruped walking robot. The smaller ground area represents the body with greater flexibility, it can quickly move forward in a narrow space. With the LEGO® combination platform, be careful that your creative building must be built on a reliable center of gravity configuration.
* LEGO® Bricks not included

The RoboSpider

12 joint quadruped all-terrain adventure robot. With a stable center of gravity and a four-sided foot structure to accommodate rugged terrain, RoboSpider Can easily climb the path of steep slopes or gravel.

Grand Debut

Check out the whole collection of goodies for the ROBOHERO Build Your Own series.
Exciting possibilities that are compatible with LEGO® blocks.

Powerful intuitive 3D action editing

Directly drag the 3D model on the screen, using the most direct way to interact with the editing program, easy to create a unique posture or action.

ROBOHERO APP with full editing capabilities, can also be programmed. With cloud-based transport, you can easily synchronize action commands in the APP with your computer.